Ready to Lose weight ... 
Gain energy ...
    be Free from pain ...    

and Never have to follow a diet again?!

Start Here with My FREE 3 Step Action Plan! 
  1. Eat
    80% of your body composition success is determined by how you eat! My belief is that a Primal/ Whole Foods approach is optimal for us all.
  2. Move
    Regardless of age or fitness level, we were built to move. Let's eliminate chronic cardio and start enjoying the benefits of moving more!
  3. Breathe
    Going Primal involves simplifying your diet, exercise and lifestyle habits. Find time to have fun, eliminate stress and enjoy life!
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" I'm on this journey with Jen and let me say if you are looking for a life changing way of life, this is it and she is the one to be your guide.  I've struggled with my weight for most of my life.  I have had a lot of success with Weight Watchers, but I was always focused on food!  This change has helped me "be free".  My father has early onset Alzheimer's so I needed to make a change for my brain as well.  When Jen showed me the science on sugar it was pretty easy to cut out.  I don't have cravings and it really hasn't been hard at all.  Eating o​ut is easy and I always feel satisfied.  Jen is the best coach!  Very supportive and full of information!!"​​

-J. Pintar  
My Mission

To encourage, inspire, and give you the extra push and support you need for lasting change in your life. 

To set you free from restrictions so that you can optimize the  best life you have envisioned for yourself.  

We will take a holistic approach to reconnecting the
Mind, Body and Spirit and simplify your life.  

Let's create a new mindset together that will allow you
to build new habits moving forward!

Jen Montie
​Primal Health Coach

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