1. Jen Montie 
    Primal Health Coach

    Hi my name is Jen Montie, I'm a Certified Primal Health Coach located in Tawas City, MI.  I'm a mother of 3, and a wife of 12 years.  We live on a very peaceful 20 acres in the beautiful Tawas Area with chickens, bunnies, dogs, and a could say we are a nature and animal loving family!  We love to spend our time outdoors and working in our garden during the spring and summer months.  I have been inspired by so many on this journey.  The knowledge I have gained from the Primal Health Coaching Program has given me the drive to help others who are suffering as I have.  We deserve to feel Ahh-mazing Each and Every Day and I want to help YOU get there too! 
    be free - GO PRIMAL!

How I ended up here...

Since I was 16 I have suffered from Chronic Daily Headaches and Migraines.  Over the last 20 years I have seen more doctors than I can count.  I have tried chiropractic, acupuncture, biofeedback, botox,  massage therapy, physical therapy, therapy, taken courses on sleep and stress, dentists for TMJ, had all my mercury fillings removed and had mouth pieces made, worked with my gynocologist, had MRI's, , X-Rays, CT, EKGs, blood work, nerve blocks, and have been prescribed 100s of medications to band-aid the root cause of my problem.  From the age of 16-21 something started to change in my thought process about the medical community...I know they were doing their job, what they have been trained to do...but something wasn't working, wasn't connecting with me.  I questioned their intentions from the beginning, some helped more than others and some had more compassion for my situation than others, but ultimately their efforts always came up short.  Nothing worked...the Mayo clinic wouldn't even take my case as they determined my situation was "too complicated."  As I got older, I became more and more frustrated and started to give up hope.  My new way of thinking was this is just who I was meant to be, everyone has something they deal with and this is what I was given.  If it wasn't for my Faith in God I know I wouldn't have made it through that difficult time in my life.  The option of continuing with the amount of pain I was in on a daily basis just couldn't be the only option.  My Faith is what reminded me of that.  I was stronger than I knew at the time and the support of my family helped push me to always keep going, never give up hope of becoming pain free and living the life I was meant to have!​​

I couldn't sit back anymore and just get 3 new prescriptions every month to help "control" the pain.  I felt doped up all the time and at this point in life the idea of getting married and having kids drove me to want more.  Once I met my husband and got married we had to decide if kids were in our future.  The original idea was more frightening than I could have imagined as I didn't want to pass on this pain to them and I honestly didn't know how I could care for anyone else as I couldn't even care for myself on most days.  The overwhelming desire to be a mother won out in the end!  We welcomed our first born into our lives 11 years ago and a year and a 1/2 later we were surprised with not one but two more additions to our family!  What a blessing these three have been to our lives!  They are what drives me everyday to be better and feel better.

Not long after the twins were born the struggles I had with my headaches increased along with the addition of Hypothyroidism and the lovely Gallbladder attacks from the issues I had with IBS my entire life as well.  I had my Gallbladder removed and started on Synthroid for the Hypothyroidism as suggested by my family practitioner.  All while my migraines and daily headaches increased while caring for three young children.

The next few years were not easy.  The constant question as to what the root cause of these issues were never went away.  I always said it felt like there was so much pressure in my head.  Even as much as I struggled not knowing what was causing my pain, I knew how I felt, and I could feel the inflammation!

My husband began to "preach" to me about this new caveman diet called Paleo?!  I had no idea what he was going on about!  He went on and on about it for years.  He was even pushing me to try it and suggesting "what if it cured your headaches?"  Are you kidding me?  You think a diet is going to finally give me the relief I yearned for for my headaches, stomach issues and thyroid problems after 15 years!!  "Well it's not a diet" he'd say (Insert eye roll).  I finally showed some interest and read the Grain Brain by David Perlmutter ,The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson and The Paleo Thyroid Solution by Elle Russ.  The unanswered questions that had always been with me had been answered!  I couldn't believe my husband was right (I know ladies that never happens right?!).  Over the next 5 years I slowly started to implement the Paleo lifestyle into my life!  It hasn't been favorite foods were bread, pizza and ice cream!  If you told me back then I could live without those foods, I'd tell you you were crazy and that It'll never happen!!!

I am no longer controlled by my food!  I have more energy than I know what to do with.  I have  gotten off of all medicatons including Synthroid,  and my headaches have become more managable than I could have every imagined! 

My passion for health is what has pushed me to this program.  It wasn't even a choice for me.  Everything in my life up until this point has lead me to where I am and God put this journey in front of me for a reason. 

I was meant for the Primal life and I know YOU are too!  We were born this way and just need to get back to our roots.  We need to stop putting band-aids over our problems, looking towards the medical community to fix us as that's not what they have been trained to do!  They are overwhelmed with the amount of disease we have created and don't have the time or resources to help...we have to take our health back into our own hands!  We can set ourselves free from the restrictions of conventional wisdom and the Standard American Diet that is killing us all.  We all have it in us to discover our true selves again and I am here to help you regain control.  Let's create a New mindset together to build new habits that You will be able to sustain for a lifetime!