​​71% of calories we consume from the Standard American Diet are from foods that are foreign to our genetic makeup!

The 3 most offensive foods are grains, sugars and refined high polyunsaturated vegetable oils.

Chronic Disease affects 1 out of 2 Americans and causes 7 out of 10 deaths in the United States!

​The United States spends 3.2 trillion a year on healthcare!

We all know the devastating statistics on the rise of Chronic Disease in our country, but taking that information and understanding what to do next is what I'm here to guide you on.  Let's make a lasting difference in our own health and those that will follow our lead!

The Primal Lifestyle is about eating, getting back to the basics of what our ancestors thrived on ...whole foods while never feeling deprived!  This includes: meat, fish, fowl, eggs, vegetables, nuts and seeds.  Other things to consider; moderate amounts of coffee, high-fat dairy products, locally grown, in-season fruits, approved fats and oils, approved supplemental carbs and sensible indulgences like high-antioxidant red wine and dark chocolate.

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Hunter-gatherers spent many hours each day being active and enjoying life at a low level of intensity.  They enjoyed many benefits from this lifestyle; including fat-metabolism, cardiovascular function, brain development, stress management and general better health and longevity. 

It's essential to incorporate more basic movements into our increasingly sedentary nature of our daily routines!

While being sedentary throughout the day is very health comprimising, performing cardio workouts that are too frequent, too difficult and too long lead to fatigue and burnout as well. 

Unfortunately, conventional wisdom has promoted chronic cardio with a "more is better" philosophy. 

Let's train Smarter Not Harder!!  Doesn't that just feel better anyway?  I can help retrain your brain to listen to your body and what it craves!

The Primal Blueprint  incorporates strength training using a variety of very simple exercises including push-ups, pull-ups, squats and planks.  These Primal movements are accessible to everyone and don't require an expensive gym membership! 

Moving more througout our days and simplifying your strength training regimin is something I focus on in my coaching of clients. 

I can help you implement these exercises into your schedule today!   


Breathe for me encompasses four of the Primal Blueprint Laws: Play, Sleep, Sunlight and Using Your Brain!  With these 4 laws we will slow things down and create a mindfullness in ourselves which will allow us to feel what's right for You!

Play:  Supports the development of a cognitively fluid mind and helps you manage the stressors of modern life.  Who doesn't want to play more?!

Sleep The rising and setting of the sun should be aligned with our circadium rhythm and has done so since the beginning of time.  The presence of artificial light and/or digital stimulation after dark suppresses the release of melatonin and stress hormones that flood the bloodstream. No wonder we can't get a good night's sleep!

Sunlight:  Today we are all aware of the risks for skin cancer due to too much sun, but we have forgotten the importance of getting adequate sunlight for general health and cancer prevention.  There's a reason that sun feels so good on your skin!

Using Your Brain: We need to remember to engage in creative and stimulating activities!  We all get overwhelmed with the to-do's of our hectic lives so the importance of disengaging for some fun, exciting and inspiring intellectual diversions will help us to become more mindful...and then we can Breathe easy! 

Books I recommend...

The Primal Blueprint  by Mark Sisson
21- Day Total Body Transformation  by Mark Sisson

The Paleo Thyroid Solution  by Elle Russ

Unconventional Medicine  by Chris Kresser
The Paleo Cure  by Chris Kresser

Grain Brain  by David Perlmutter, MD